My Photography Book

Q.Why am I sharing my years of photography experience?
A. To help everyone take great photos!

Here’s a bit of my photography background to help you see why I decided to help everyone get great photos….

old kodak 127 brownie camera

My first camera was like this old “Brownie”

I didn’t think I would be writing a photography book when I got my first camera. It was already so old, my dad had to buy out of date film from the chemist for it! Well, it was the 1970’s and I was about 8 or 9 years old.

Falling in love with Photography

It was then that I fell in love
with the whole process of photography from getting the film, taking the photos and waiting to get them developed then printed the following week, to see what I had or hadn’t photographed. Although film cameras, developing and printing is still around today, and popular too, it’s just not for the majority any longer. If you do or have shot on film, you’ll understand the love for that whole process.

old film 35mm

Old film 35mm

When digital came along I owned my own photography business and studio, in addition to commercial, portrait and wedding photography, I also specialised in digital editing and photo restoration and quickly realised the creative possibilities of digital.

Digital Photography Advantages

One of the first big advantages I found with photographing digitally was the ability to see the image instantly and re-shoot if necessary – great for wedding groups if someone had looked away when the photo had been taken, or someone had blinked on a portrait shot. But also it also gave me the ability to be more creative and free with the amount of shots I could take without having the expense of getting them all developed and printed first. This was especially good for taking lots of candid photos at weddings, and portraits of children & pets too.

Going fully digital

It wasn’t long before I went fully digital and put the film camera on the shelf. I went from shooting everything of film, sending the film away for processing, getting prints back a week later, previewing them with the client, then sending out the chosen negatives to get final prints a week or so later, to now being able to take as many photos as I needed/wanted to, preview them instantly, tweak and edit them in my own studio and then even make my own professional prints! and I just loved it!

Working with other people’s photos I found that Most people just take random photos…. and they get random results 🙁

Over the years I did 1000’s and 1000’s of copies, edits and reprints of other people’s photos, most of them were OK, but I know that had they had a just a few good tips on photography basics and camera understanding, they would have had a much better photo.
For most photo opportunities you’ll only get one chance to get it right. I don’t mean you can only take one photo, but generally, there are a lot of hidden factors in every photo.

Let me give you a quick example…
You’re on holiday, you see a stunning photo in a local gallery window of a nearby monument – “wow” you think, “that’s an amazing photo, I’ve never seen one like that before”
Well, chances are that photo took some planning to get it just like that. The person who took the photo could have planned the photo weeks in advance waiting for the right weather and for the sun to be in just the right place at the right time of day, they knew weeks in advance just where to stand for that composition once all the conditions are right… then snap, the photos in the bag and now in the gallery too!

Most people who’ve taken a photo of that same monument will probably be disappointed at the way it turned out. And that’s not because they have a “cheap, rubbish camera”, but because they didn’t fully understand how to use it to its full advantage, or how to get the best from the location in terms of composition, lighting, weather, angle etc..s

Anyway, about my photography book.

SO my goal with writing this book is to help anybody, with any camera get photos they’ll be amazed by.

Photography is not only a fantastic hobby but in many cases, a great tool for documenting and recording events, locations and people with – and I want to help people get the best possible photos, regardless of the camera or mobile they are using at the time.

“Once I help you understand the simple basics of photography, you’ll be falling in love with photography too”





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