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Print and file sizes.

All my photographs are initially taken as RAW files. Once I get the image on the computer and do the post processing, I’ll crop to what I feel is the best to achieve the right composition and ratio for that image, meaning that some images and prints fall outside the normal or standard print sizes.

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Photographic, Giclée & Canvass – All my prints are produced personally by me, or larger prints by a professional printing company.

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Hoad Monument. Ulverston, Cumbria.

November 11th. 8:04 am

I took this image of the well known “Hoad Monument” in Ulverston at 8:04 am one beautiful November morning when the mist was just sitting in the bay.
Taken from an amazing viewpoint overlooking Hoad, this location enabled me to capture a stunning scene with the combination of Hoad, a beautiful sunrise over Morecambe Bay, low sitting mist around the Flookburgh peninsula and distant hills in Lancashire.

The Lone Swaledale. Nr. Grizebeck, Cumbria.

I went chasing the mist and found a Swaledale

Driving to Coniston to catch the mist on the water I decided to go the long way round to see if I could find a new viewpoint over Coniston. The road I was on went through some really barren landscape with the odd rock poking up here and there. Nothing really interesting until I spotted the Lone Swaledale! I’m sure it was waiting to pose for me….

The East Side Jetty. Coniston, Cumbria.

A touch of snow on the east side jetty, Coniston.

I love the road along the east side of Coniston, it’s one of those roads that not many people travel. For those that do, this is the very well known jetty.
This early February morning I was the first and only person there to see the pristine, untrodden snow on the jetty. The morning was cold, misty and very still and perfect for a different and unique view of the jetty.

The Classic “Buttermere trees”. Buttermere, Cumbria.

The Buttermere trees on a cold, misty day.

Who doesn’t love Buttermere? It’s one of those classic “Lake District postcard” locations. But this day was probably more realistic and typical of the weather in the lakes. I took a chance on visiting that day not knowing how the weather would be, but as a lover of mist, it turned out to be just what I was looking for as I wanted to isolate the trees and create a minimalist image, fortunately the mist was sitting just in the valley behind and the shot was right there – thank you mother nature 🙂

Juniper Dawn. Torver, Nr. Coniston, Cumbria.

Juniper Dawn.

This shot was taken the morning after the coldest night of the year. It had been snowing a couple of days earlier and had started thin out a little before another big freeze put stops to any more melting.
The shape of the tree caught my attention as if bent and twisted by the force of the wind but still standing proud. And then the sun began to burn through the mist!

The Langdale Pikes as seen from Elterwater. Cumbria.

The Langdale Pikes

This shot was taken from the village of Elterwater while there was still a little snow around on the lower ground and plenty on the pikes.
It was a crisp clear day with a few clouds passing over giving a great opportunity for an interesting composition of the snowy pikes with Elterwater in the foreground.

The Highlander. Cumbria.

The Highlander

From an original photograph I took of a Highland cow / cattle, I was able to create this unique artwork by using a series of digital editing tools, filters and air-brushing techniques.

I wanted to create a piece that enhanced the natural flow of the highland cow’s hair and horns whilst enhancing as much detail as possible through natural brush strokes and isolating the image on a pure white background. Enjoy 🙂

This image is now available as a 20x30 inch gallery wrapped canvas in my shop

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