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There's nothing better than getting out with my camera after a long day at work, even if it is just on the other side of the road!I've been wanting to photograph the Holy Trinity Church at Bardsea at night time for the past couple of weeks, but with work...

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Storm Callum disruptions in Cumbria

Storm Callum disruptions in Cumbria

With another forecast for a high tide and the addition of Storm Callum hitting Cumbria today, I just had to go see what I could shoot again! Well, there was no chance of getting any good abstract waves today, just far too windy and wet. But I did manage to get a few...

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Windsurfer photo on the front page!

Windsurfer photo on the front page!

Windsurfer at Newbiggin So the High tide forecast was at its highest this month, and the weather forecast was for a windy day with sunny spells - perfect to go get some photos of good waves crashing on the shore 🙂 I'd finished work at lunchtime and had a couple of...

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A trip to Gummer’s How – in the rain!

A trip to Gummer’s How – in the rain!

I do love a bit of mist in the Lake District. But...   A day for black and white photography.   The forecast was wet, cold and misty. I thought I'd take a chance to capture the sunrise and mist over Windermere from Gummer's How. Unfortunately, the weather...

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Geoff Beattie Ulverston Photographer

Geoff Beattie

I’m a freelance photographer based in Ulverston, Cumbria.

I specialise in Landscape, abstract, minimalist & fine art photography, producing a range of prints and gifts from my work.

I offer natural portrait commissions for people, pets and equine.

Commercial packages available on request.

Digital Retouching
In addition to taking photos, I also offer photo restoration, retouching, and editing service for aged and damaged photographs and negatives.

For all enquiries, please email me –

Or contact me through any of my social media pages below.

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